How to handle people You don’t like ?

Hurray !! are you excited to know the answer ? If you have landed on this page, then definitely you are much more excited than i am . Yeah…. So, our day to day life we met people whom we don’t like. Let’s take a example (A person from your family, whom you don’t like ) but , Here you need to deal with them . So i have a great trick to handle it so easily . If this trick feels you great,follow me after reading this 🤩🤩😎 .

Trust me it’s so easy . just need to practice . The more you practice, your life will change automatically . Albert Einstein have said one thing “ if you want to stay happy for 1 day buy something new things, if you want to stay happy for 2–3 days go in a picnic , if you want to happy for lifetime set a goal ” .

(* must read this before proceed) => Before reading below i want to tell u , if you will not get what i mean ,try to read it 2–3 times ,because once you will understand this your problem will be solved. Do apply this tricks, if you face such situation

What If The Person Belongs to Your Family?

If anyone from your family (including parents)whom you don’t like to talk often ,but you love them all . So what you can do ? I can tell you what i did .I talk with them happily when they talks about topics which i think to be fruitful to discuss and if it something which i felt no use(Ex: comparing you with others etc..) , I start doing something and just sat down my head just move it up & down by just saying yes or no in answer . Don’t look at them if it is not needed, because if you do eye contact unnecessarily they will start talking more . which u don’t want . Always smile no matter what . keep your eye on your goal every time.

Behave something like this

What If The Person is one of your good Friend?

I heard a line called “ what kind of person you are, that could be easily judge by seeing types of friend circle you have ” . It means you will prefer to do friendship with those people who’s mindset similar to you . If your friend is someone who is totally opposite to you , you can’t be good friend . So still if you have a friend whom you don’t like just do one thing when they comes to you .First Always give a smile . If that person started talking for 1–2 min just ans in yes or no. If they need help ,if u think that, this is the right time(if u r not busy) to help then must do help.When that person started talking continuously about things that not relevant to you, just start working and the other will understand that u r busy and they will leave you.

Book reading person is YOU

What If The Person is Some Outsider?

If the person is a outsider , whom u don’t know or a casual friend , then you can just ignore them as simple as it sound . We don’t need to do any formality there just leave that place or just ignore there word and do your work.

Remember You are physically with them, but not mentally 😀

Hope you must get something out of this . This will help you a lot in your day to day life . All THE BEST

Hey guys !! I am currently working as a software engineer. I love programming and Technology. also Love to smile always😊😁