Increase Your Typing Speed

Hi, I am a software engineer and I love coding. You know everybody has a question in their mind “ How can I increase my typing speed? ”

I was using the below software for the past 1 month.

You will be given a paragraph to write, you have to write while racing with others and get rank according to your speed compare to others.💻💻you can race with your friends or with an unknown person. After racing, you will get a video Where you can analyze your performance.

Currently, my highest speed is 48 wpm(word per minute), the average speed is 40 wpm, but initially, my average speed was 30 wpm. So I can see my Improvements💃

Whether your typing way is correct or not, but still this software will help you to increase your typing speed and accuracy. I can tell you from my experience My typing way was not fully correct but, after using this software gradually my speed and accuracy increase way more, but you have to do it regularly to maintain the performance.

  • Disclaimer -> This is not a sponsor website.

Whatever I have written in this blog was from my own experience. Hope you like this blog. Follow me for more Informative and useful blog.Till then stay tuned and will see you in the next blog.😊



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Sibani Krishna Choudhury

Hey guys !! I am currently working as a software engineer. I love programming and Technology. also Love to smile always😊😁