Make a killer Technical Resume

Hi, I am a Software engineer. Your Resume is the first thing and the most important thing to get a call from your dream company. So You need to avoid common mistakes that people often do while making a resume. In this blog, I am focusing on things that you need to keep in mind while building your Resume.

My Resume

Through this Resume, I got interview calls from companies like Google, Amazon.

Below are some points that you need to keep in mind ->

1. One Page Resume

The recruiter does not have the whole day to look at your resume because they have to go through 100 -1000 resumes. So you need to keep everything short and concise.

2. Resume Section

You need to keep at least this much of section on your resume ->( Education, Skill, Work experience, Projects, achievements)

3. Use Technical Keyword

  • When you are building your resume use keyword like (Developed, worked, Built, Implemented) to describe things.
  • When you describe a project, make sure that you are not just telling the work, the most important thing is to tell the Technology you used to make that project. (Pro tip: Use technical keyword)

4. ATS Machine ( Application Tracking System)

Companies use software to pass or fail resumes according to some keyword. So put the proper keyword in your resume. ( ProTip: keyword that is mentioned in the job description)

5. Verify

Once your resume is ready make sure to verify your resume from people working at your dream company. ( Protip: You can request them on Linkedin) and update your resume according to their suggestions. and also make sure there is no typo or grammatical mistakes on your resume.

Below are some points you need to avoid ->

1. Unnecessary Information

Make sure to put your best 2–3, projects, experience, and achievements. Avoid giving your image. Don’t put unnecessary things, which will make the looks of your resume messy.

2. Fancy Font

Avoid using a fancy font, multiple colors in your resume. Use only black or blue color and Use max 2 Fonts. Make sure to use readable Fonts.

3. Paragraph

Avoid writing paragraphs. try to write in bullet points. In limited words express all the necessary information as there is less attention span to your resume. The recruiter usually takes 7–10 seconds to go through one resume.

Hopefully, all this information helps you to build a great Resume.👍🏻

My Google Interview experience

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